First Call

Vision 2020, our flagship production which is held every year will be staged on 24 July. We started this concept in 2006 when we took up Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s ‘VISION 2020’ document for a developed India and decided that we would contribute theatrically to this process.

In the first year (2006) we focused on India – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. In 2007 we did The Trilogy. Here we looked into the lesser known aspects of the lives of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Tereza and Abdul Kalam. What choices did they make which catapulted them from anonymity into the front pages of history?

In 2008 it was Alexander. A dying Alexander is brought back even as the conqueror of the world realises that the world is too small a place in front of his soul.

This year we look at the concept of ‘Miracles’. Rehearsals for this process are divided into two phases. Phase 1 is currently in progress with a set of about 15 actors and will culminate with a rough creation by 27 March. In the second phase the rehearsals will begin on 1 June – 24 July with about 100+ actors.

VISION 2020 productions are usually characterised with a huge cast, musicians, dancers, stunning sets and great lighting & sound. The performances are staged at the state-of-the-art Christ University Auditorium. For more information please email